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Our Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding Day

It’s inevitable that you’ll get those butterflies in your stomach before your wedding day, that’s part of the excitement! You might be nervous (that’s normal!) and you might also be a bit stressed, it’s to be expected. However, you don’t want that stress to get out of hand, after all, it’s your day to enjoy.

We understand how stressful a wedding day can be, there’s so much to plan and to organize, and of course you want the day to go off perfectly. Our advice to you right now, first and foremost is, don’t worry - you will have a wonderful day. In order to provide you with a few takeaway tips to help you keep calm on the day, we’ve picked out our top tips to help you to stay sane before (and during, too) your big day.

  • Think rationally

Remember the way your mum always used to say ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ well we think that logic still applies. If you find yourself getting increasingly stressed about something, just take a pause and think ‘does this actually matter that much? Is it worth getting this stressed about?’. 99 times out of 100, we’re just being perfectionists and worrying about nothing. If you find that it is an important worry, however, it’s not a burden for you to carry on your shoulders alone, so ask your partner or a close friend or relative to give you a hand. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help!

  • Don’t worry about anyone else

Remember, it’s your special day, no one else’s. Although this seems to be an obvious statement, we’re strangely unselfish when it comes to our wedding day, and we spend an awful lot of time worrying about how the guests are feeling. They’re happy so long as you’re happy, so relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Keep lists

Buy yourself a lovely big notebook, where you can keep details of everything that you’re planning and organising. Checklists, details and writing up the stage you’re at with each part of the planning is a great effective way to keep you calm and organized at the same time.

  • Organize a seating plan

This is a critical one. By using your time before the day to plan a seating plan, you can put plenty of thought into choosing places for all of your guests that will keep them happy throughout the meal. It also means that there’s one less big worry on the day - you don’t have to fuss over everyone, they can just take their seats and so can you.

  • Outsource your entertainment

That’s where we come in. All That Events are New England premium wedding event specialists, made up of a team of warm and friendly individuals, who will all work to make sure you have as little to worry about as possible. We are renowned for our attention to detail and the excellence of our customer service. We can organize everything from the music to the lighting, and the photos to the sweets, to provide you with a fantastic helping hand and make sure your day goes off absolutely flawlessly.

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