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4 Helpful Tools for Your Wedding Planning

Updated: May 17, 2020

Hiring a wedding planner for your wedding, especially in these trying times, is the best course of action to take. They have the experience needed to properly plan the wedding be able to keep you updated on and happy.

All That Events believes that when it comes to wedding planning, your events should be tailored to match your vision. So here are some tools that can help keep you on track with your wedding planning while you work with a professional planner.

· A To-Do List

Writing out your vision for your wedding can help make things faster and more comfortable with your planner. You also won’t forget any vital details this way. You and your planner can then, based on your to-do list, create a timeline that will ensure a successful and stress-free wedding planning.

· A Budget Calculator

Weddings always tend to become bigger and more expensive than initially planned. With a wedding budget calculator, you can allocate amounts to parts of your wedding. These amounts should be based on research and can then be totaled to give you an estimate of what you’ll spend on your wedding. Your wedding planner can then help you stick to your budget and even get you discounts where they can, keeping your spending low.

· A Guest List

Planning a wedding without an estimated guest count makes vendor ideas and proposals harder to finalize. So, make your guest list as soon as you can. You can also make it more useful by including things like dietary requirements and whether they’ll be coming with a plus one or not, next to each guest.

· A Seating Planner

A seating planner will help you decide who sits where at your wedding. Alongside your wedding planner giving their inputs, you can then make adjustments and changes until you arrive at your final draft for the big day. The key to using a seating planner is that visualization makes things easier.

All That Events can handle services like your wedding planning, event décor, DJ, photography, and more. We’re a customer service-oriented company in New England, and helping create a joyous celebration at your wedding is our prime goal. Are you ready to get started on your wedding planning? Give us a call today!

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