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4 Tips for A Fun and Memorable Wedding

Updated: May 17, 2020

Your wedding should be fun, exciting, and memorable. The best kind of wedding is a fun and memorable one. We’ve put together the following 4 tips to help you have an exciting wedding that your family and guests will remember for a long time to come.

· Name Your Tables After A Song

The usual way couples differentiate tables at their wedding is by using numbers. To add a fun twist how about naming your table songs instead? For example, you could have a table called “Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson.”

You can also add another fun twist by asking guests to stand up and dance when they hear their table song come on. Some of your guests might be more eager than others to do this, but as long as everyone is laughing and having fun, it helps break the ice and lift the entire reception mood.

· Creative Décor

The décor at your wedding helps define the mood of your reception. People will not forget décor that is creative and beautiful. Lighting can uplift everyone’s mood and set the course for a fun event!

· A Fun Photobooth

Photobooths take us back to memories of a fun and carefree childhood. The best part is the photos can also double as wedding favors for your guests. Plus, it’ll help your family and friends mingle as they take pictures together. They’ll also make new friends. A photo booth is a great way to inject some extra fun into your wedding.

· Have the Right Entertainment

The right entertainment is a necessity if you want your wedding to be fun, exciting and memorable. With our top notch DJs and their years of experience, you will ensure it is a great event.

All That Events can handle all the planning and entertainment at your wedding. When we entertain, we forge memories that last lifetime! We’re located in New England and are renowned for professionalism and excellence in everything we do. Making wedding dreams come true is our specialty, and we’d love to help with yours too. Call us today!

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