Professional Grade DJ Gear


Pioneer DJM-5000 Mixer offers features such as multi-zone entertainment, three microphone inputs, Advanced talk over, 96kHz / 24-bit sampling, Sound Maximizer, MIDI mapping capability and a built in sound card.  This mixer has 4 channels for mixing up to 4 different sources, as well as enhancing sound for those older songs that you just love to hear.  The ability to play in two separate areas, playing two separate music selections, all at the same time, has made my DJ setup unique and has made me very versitle as well.














Denon BU-4500 CD/MP3 player / MC4500 Controller  allows me to play from CD's, which have MP3 capabilities, allowing the CD players to act as a backup to my electronic music collection as well.  It gives me the ability to play special requests,  or one of a kind selections brought directly to the event.  The Controller features precise control over both the elctronic music, as well as physical CD Media.  It controls what comes out of the speakers as well as how it comes out.















Pioneer PRO DJ and Denon DJ are highly respected names in the DJ industry.  There is a reason why I chose this equipment, from all other brands out there. 

Pioneer.  Denon.  Enough said.



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